For any new construction, a permit and tap-in fee must be paid in full before a building permit can be issued by Smith Township or Burgettstown Borough.
A new tap form can be obtained at our office.

Current tap-in fee: $3,100.00 Permit fee: $50.00

A copy of the ‘Rules & Regulations’ can be purchased at our office for $10.00.
A ‘Developer’s Manual’ can be purchased for $25.00.

Only one of the approved contractors may tap into the main sewerage line.
The lateral that runs from the dwelling to the mainline is your responsibility.

Approved Contractors:

  • Robert Fratini (Guido Development) - 724-947-3728 or 724-344-0368
  • Phil Hoberek - 724-947-2269 or 412-287-4404
  • Douglas Loffert - 724-796-5223
  • Bill Orton - 724-986-6771
  • Stewart Contracting - 724-926-2744