In order to assist Developers in obtaining sewerage service for projects located in the BSTJSA service area, the Authority has made available for purchase a manual to guide prospective developers through the process. The Developer’s manual is available at the Authority office for a fee of $25.00.

The first important step toward obtaining the Authority’s approval of extending sewer service to any location within the watershed is to submit a letter requesting service. The letter must include a general description of the proposed improvements along with a photocopy of a map on which the property to be developed is superimposed. At this initial stage the information need not be technical nor detailed, but should be sufficiently clear to illustrate where and what is proposed to be constructed.

The Authority will respond to the developer’s preliminary letter for the purpose of establishing a date and time mutually agreeable for a pre-application conference to be held in the Authority office. The purpose of the conference will be for the developer to elaborate upon the proposed project and for the Authority’s representatives to elaborate upon its requirements relative to the sewer work to be performed. The developer should have his/her engineer in attendance at the conference so that the Authority’s representatives may communicate directly with him/her concerning the Authority’s requirements relative to preparation of plans, performance of surveys, submittals, obtaining approvals and otherwise performing the developer’s engineering work in compliance with the Authority’s Rules and Regulations.

The manual has detailed information regarding the Authority’s sewer design and construction specifications, sewer connection procedures and planning and permitting requirements. Additionally, the manual contains a complete copy of the Authority’s Rules and Regulations. Developers are encouraged to obtain a copy of the manual as early in their process as possible in order to maximize efficiency.