A dye test must be performed on any dwelling that is changing ownership. Testing is not required for refinanced properties, new homes that have not yet been occupied, or those properties presently utilizing septic systems.

Dye testing is a method used to locate intrusion of rain or ground water into the sanitary sewer system (also called inflow and infiltration). This testing is required when any dwelling connected to the sanitary sewer system has a change in ownership. The testing is performed by one of BSTJSA’s inspectors. The procedure for performing dye testing is rather simple and consists of introducing dyed water into roof drain leaders, driveway drains and area drains. Additionally, dyed water is injected into the ground around the foundation to check for the illegal connection of foundation drains. After introducing the dyed water, the downstream sanitary sewer manhole is checked. Upon completion of the testing, a report of dye test and inspection is returned to the Authority, which then will issue a certification letter stating that no illegal connections exist into the sanitary sewer.

This certification if good for one year from the date of the letter and the property may exchange ownership within that time without undergoing further testing. As part of the dye testing procedure, the Authority will verify whether it has a right-of-way, which includes a manhole on the property and whether access to the manhole is impeded in any fashion. The dye test and no lien form must be completed and returned to our office with payment. Total fee is $135.00  (Dye Test fee $100.00; No Lien Letter $35.00).

No Dye Tests will be scheduled for Tuesdays

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