The Burgettstown-Smith Township Joint Sewerage Authority was created in 1972 by Smith Township and Burgettstown Borough under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945 for the purpose of providing and maintaining a sewer collection, conveyance and treatment system. BSTJSA owns and operates 54 miles of sewer lines and 2 lift stations.
There are approximately 2,800 customers with the gravity-feed system and 42 customers with grinder pumps. Any dwelling within 150 feet of a sewer line must tap in to sewerage. Customers need to make sure that there are caps on all clean-outs located outside their dwelling.

The Authority Board consists of 6 members, 3 of which are appointed by Smith Township and 3 that are appointed by Burgettstown Borough for a staggered 5 year term.

Board Meetings  

Board meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Authority office located at 377 Joffre Bulger Rd, Burgettstown, PA 15021. Workshop/voting meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm (if needed).

Anyone wishing to address specific topics before the board must submit a written request to be placed on the agenda. It must contain an outline regarding the concern(s) by Wednesday prior to the regular board meeting.


General questions from visitors will be heard during the public comment time (which is soon after the meeting begins) and is limited to two minutes per person or five minutes per group. Once the public comment portion of the meeting is over, there shall be no further interruptions or comments from the public.

Board Members Terms Represents
Gerald Yacoviello, Chairman 12-31-2026 Smith Township
Gary Rankin, Vice Chairman 12-31-2025 Smith Township
Bruce Briggs, Secretary/Treasurer 12-31-2024 Smith Township
Bob Holland, Member 12-31-2025 Burgettstown
Kim McGee, Member 12-31-2026 Burgettstown
James McGee, Member 12-31-2025 Burgettstown
Solicitor: Christine Seymour, Esquire    

Engineer: KLH Engineers, Inc – John Mowry, P.E.
Auditing Firm:  Myers, Patsy and Assoc. LLC – Kimberly Wetzel,  CPA